"No Heat Required!

...reduce overall costs by eliminating the need for torches or heat guns"

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Cool Seal Electrical Connector

Cool Seal is the most innovative and cost effective sealed electrical connector to hit the market in 25 years. A heat-less, solderless terminal, it utilizes revolutionary anaerobic sealant technology that installs in a fraction of the time of comparable heat seal connectors. Simply strip the wire and crimp, activating the sealant, to create an environmentally sealed connection. The innovative new sealant prevents the ingress of moisture and air, the nylon insulation provides maximum abrasion and puncture resistance, while the seamless, 99.9% ETP, copper connector offers optimal electrical conductivity. Requiring no heat, the Cool Seal will reduce overall costs by eliminating the need for torches or heat guns, reducing the installation time, and improving productivity.


  • Seals Out Moisture Causing Corrosion
  • A Heat-Less/Solderless Connection
  • Installs with Standard Hand Crimp Tools
  • Simply Strip and Crimp
  • Installs in a Fraction of the Time of Comparable Heat Shrink Terminals
  • Improved Productivity
  • No Heat Tools Required
  • Nylon Insulation
  • 99.9% ETP Copper Terminal
  • Part Numbers: CSBC2218 (22-18GA), CSBC1614 (16-14GA), CSBC1210 (12-10GA)

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