"The only way to have a friend is to be one."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

History of Eastern Shore Enterprises

Eastern Shore Enterprises was started in 1994 by two individuals seeking a way to satisfy the needs of customers without the hassle of the large corporate world.   Coming from backgrounds in fabrication, engineering and distribution, Ron and Larry focused on what they desired in a quality supplier.

Customer Satisfaction quickly came to the forefront and their mission and motto were born. Mission, "To Know, Understand and Service Customers Needs"; Motto, "The Risks Are Too Great To Settle For Less".   These two short, yet powerful statements have always been the center point of the company, without exception.

While initially providing cable assemblies and harnesses to the emergency vehicle industry, it soon became clear that ESE was a source for components and assisting in design and engineering.   This became even more significant when both Delphi/Packard and GM approached Eastern Shore Enterprises in 1995 to become a second tier authorized distributor of their products.

From this point on the company's focus was on developing a sound foundation as a multi-line distributor to the wire harness industry and all the related businesses this would encompass.  

While experiencing significant growth over the years it was key not to loose sight of our mission and always maintain a personal touch with all of our customers. No client is too small or to large.

From our meager beginnings in an unheated garage to a full service warehouse, support staff and two satellite sales offices, ESE has grown considerably.   We have also established a fabrication operation known as CET to provide a quick turn around for small electrical contacts.

Looking forward, we will continue our quest to be a key source for products, information and support.   But most importantly, to continue the enjoyable experience working with so many unique and interesting people.   That is what makes this profession so rewarding.