Section C: Wire Ties, Plastic Conduit and Clamps

Nylon Wire Ties (White or Black)

All Part Numbers For White Ties. Add "UV" Suffix To Part Numbers For Black

Standard Wire Ties

Mounting Hole Wire Ties

Mounting Tab

Convoluted Plastic Conduit

Quantities are approximate and may vary. Other types, styles and bulk quantities available.

300º Degree "F" Nylon Type 6/6 (Gray Stripe) & 200º Degree "F" Polyethylene

Nylon Clamps

Add suffix "UV" to part number for black

3/8" Wide Clamps with 13/64 (.203) Mounting Hole

1/2" Wide Clamps with 13/64 (.203) Mounting Hole

Rubberized Clamps Body Clips

RC Zinc Plated Steel with 1/32" Vinyl Dip Coating

RC Clamps (continued)

Body Clips (push on frame clips)


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