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- Arnold H. Glasow

Bi-Metal Battery Terminals

The CorrectConnect battery terminal is the latest innovation from ESE. The design utilizes new C2 technology that combines a plated, pure copper, tubular barrel and a cast lead clamp in one terminal. The bi-metal design provides a highly conductive, corrosion resistant connection that out-performs standard die-cast battery terminals.


  • Deep chamfered barrel accepts the most flexible cable for trouble-free insertion.
  • Longer barrel enables for double crimping ensuring a correct connection every time.
  • Pure tubular copper barrel permits easier crimping and provides a copper-to-copper connection with the cable.
  • Advanced C2 plated barrel provides superior conductivity and corrosion resistance.
  • Solid cast lead clamp provides a corrosion resistant lead-to-lead terminal to post connection.
  • Clearest color-coding available for correct identification and die setting.

Download the Battery Terminal Information Sheet